Private sale car financing in nova scotia

Purchasing a used car from a car dealership is certainly convenient and safe, but there are certain benefits to purchasing from a private seller, including cutting out the middleman and therefore saving some money. Many vehicles are purchased from private sellers but typically require you to pay the whole amount in full up front.

That’s where private auto loans come in extremely handy. Essentially, a private auto loan is financing provided by lenders designed to help fund an auto purchase between two private parties. Our team at MetroCredit can assist you with setting up a convenient monthly payment for your private sale vehicle purchase.

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car financing nova scotia

MetroCredit will make the whole process easy! We will compare options from the large collection of lenders we deal with. That way you’ll know all the financing options available to you and our team will help you choose the lender that suits you best.


Lenders usually have certain criteria that need to be met before they agree to lend money to finance a pre-owned auto purchase from a private seller. This incudes your credit health and financial situation, condition and age of the vehicle you are looking to purchase privately.

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